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Trichiasis-Misdireced Eyelash Surgery

Trichiasis (Ingrown Eyelashes)

Trichiasis is an eye condition in which a person’s eyelashes grow the wrong direction on their eyelids. Instead of the eyelashes fanning out away from the eye, the person’s eyelashes grow in towards the eye.

What are the Symptoms of Trichiasis?

People suffering from Trichiasis often experience eye irritation as their eyelashes rub against their eyes. They may feel as though they have something stuck in their eye. People suffering from Trichiasis often have eye pain, irritation and redness. They may experience tearing or scratching of their eye or sensitivity to bright lights. If Trichiasis is left untreated, it may result in a corneal abrasion or a corneal ulcer.

What Causes Trichiasis?

Trichiasis is a condition that people can be born with and that they can develop later on in life. It is most common in adults, though anyone can have it. People who are born with Trichiasis have the eye disorder Epiblepharon. Those who were not born with Trichiasis can develop it due to a disease such as Herpes zoster eye disease or a condition such as chronic blepharitis. It can also be caused by an infection such as Trachoma or a skin and mucous membrane disorder such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome or cicatricialpemphigold. Eye trauma, including burns, can also cause Trichiasis.

How is Trichiasis Treated?

People suffering from Trichiasis should see their ophthalmologist for treatment. There are several options available that Dr. Perlman can perform, he can pluck a few offending lashes or surgically remove them permanently. More severe cases can be solved with electrolysis (using electricity to permanently remove lashes) or cryosurgery (removing lashes by freezing). If you suffer from Trichiasis, you should make an appointment today.

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