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Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries

There are many different types of eye injuries. Eye injuries can range from simply irritating your eye, such as when you get soap in your eye, to those injuries that threaten your vision, such as splashing a chemical into your eye. The bony structure around your eye is designed to absorb shock and protect your eye from injury. The eyelids close quickly to form a barrier against foreign objects. But accidents still happen every day.

The most common causes of vision threatening injuries are industrial, chemical, sport injuries, paint ball injuries, car accidents, fireworks, yard work, and strong exposure to ultraviolet light. Simply wearing safety goggles or protective eye wear can prevent loss of vision.

Dr. Perlman advises that if you experience an eye injury an immediate call to our office is always the best medicine. Individuals experiencing pain, redness, swelling, excessive tearing, or sensitivity to light should be seen immediately in our office by our board-certified ophthalmologist or go straight to the emergency room. These precautionary steps can prevent loss of vision from injury.

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