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Glasses Fitting

Joyce L.
Sacramento, CA

Came for Xeomin Consultation after hearing good reviews from friends and left a happy camper!

Dr. Perlman wasn't pushy about the injections. I started with just 20 units for my frown lines and above my brows. Recommended to come in every 4 months if I like it and can add a little more if I want.

Did some research before I came and decided I would rather have an MD w/more experience do my injections than a nurse. Glad I chose Dr. Perlman it was quick and painless (kinda like a prick?). Afterwards, theres a little swelling; it went down pretty quickly for me, but everyone is a little different.

I'm already super excited about my next appointment.
Plus, a shout out to Jaimie thanks for helping me r/s my appointments and Mandy for being such a sweet tech!

Prescription Glasses-Crop.jpg

Olga S.
Davis, CA

Perlman Center for Eye and Eyelid Surgery is an excellent establishment.

I've never had an eye exam myself, but had to take my both parents to different ophthalmologists before many times and this was the best experience by far!
Check in was very quick and receptionist was friendly and professional.
What impressed me the most was how quickly I was called to the examination room.
Dr.Perlman came in shortly after technician left and he was very knowledgeable and nice.
After my examination I talked to optical and even though I didn't get glasses at the time, I will definitely buy it there in the future.

This was the best and the shortest ophthalmologist appointment ever, they are right on time.
I highly recommend Perlman Center for Eye and Eyelid Surgery.


Fred E. M.
Woodland, CA

Went today to get my eye prescription. Loved the way they follow covid safety protocols. I felt everything was cleaned and sanitized. The staff  was very professional and explained everything throughly. I definitely reccomend this place to anyone who is looking for glasses or an eye check up.


Roy K
Albany, CA

Dr Perlman operated on both my cataracts and
I had excellent results
He and his staff were fabulous
I would recommend his office for your eye care
I live in Davis and care was well worth the short drive

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Todd S.
Fairfield, CA

I had my surgery with Dr Perlman  on 9/10/2019. If you are on the fence about getting this procedure done I can tell you that it's almost painless  . If I had it to do all over again I WOULD definitely do it. Dr Perlman and his team sure made me feel like I was in good hands. Thanks so much Dr Perlman.

Round Sunglasses

Lori P.
Davis, CA

My whole family (husband and two kids) all see Dr. Perlman.  He is awesome, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.  The staff is fast and efficient and they have a great inventory of glasses.  Highly recommend.

Happy Woman with Heart Hands.jpeg

Ramsey T
Woodland, CA

My provider allows me a free pair of lenses every year so I take well advantage of that, from my 3 years of experience I have not had a bad experience. by far very  professional kind and very prompt on receiving my new lenses best in town I am always referring people here. Making my son a apt for his first pair of lenses on Monday.

Face Gems

Sue F.
Vacaville, CA

I am SO incredibly impressed with Dr. Perlman and his staff! Recently had blepharoplasty done on upper and lower lids and the entire process was perfect. The professionalism and care that was given was second to none and the results are superb!! Would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and as a healthcare professional myself I am more than a bit particular about both who I will see and additionally who I will send my patients to. Totally 5 star experience ;)

Man with Black Frame Glasses

Bob M.
Davis, CA

Dr. Perlman has a great reputation for doing charity work in Mexico, and he shows equal compassion right here in Yolo County.  He is skilled, efficient, and trustworthy.  I'm saddened to see that Yelp has chosen to "not recommend" so many of the 5-star reviews, because they illustrate the excellent care that Dr. Perlman brings to the greater Woodland region.  Strongly recommended!!

Smiling Elderly Woman

Wayne W.
Elk Grove, CA

I recently had blepharoplasty done on both my upper and lower lids and I am impressed with Dr. Pearlman and his staff. The entire process was stress free and was completed with perfection. Because of their professional approach to patient care and the excellent results, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Perlman and his staff. Excellent service, professional integrity and patient care.

When Doctor Becomes Patient

by Patricia Sierra, M.D.

Our eyes are an expressive feature and one people notice first. As the skin around the eyes ages, excess folds appear in the upper and lower lids making us look older and more tired. It's something I speak to patients about all the time. It was something different to experience this aging problem myself!

About 3 Years ago, I became aware of the excess skin on my upper lids. As an ophthalmologist, I knew eyelid surgery could rectify this problem and restore a more youthful, rested look. I was somewhat anxious to undergo a procedure that was not "medically necessary" so I kept delaying this alternative and thinking "maybe next year".

Last summer, while applying eye makeup, I noticed how the eyeliner and mascara would frequently smear over this upper eyelid excess

fold. I knew this problem would only worsen over time so I consulted Dr. Perlman, our oculoplastics specialist about my concerns. He said, "Patty, we can easily fix that." I have been fortunate to work closely with him and observe his excellent outcomes, so I was very comfortable having him perform my surgery. 

Last December, I underwent bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The surgery was performed as an in office procedure under local anesthesia. I had some mild swelling around the eyes, which lasted about 3–5 days. I had no pain during or after the procedure and was back to work in one week. 

A friend of mine recently called me to ask me for advice as she was contemplating having blepharoplasty surgery in New York. I told her about my experience and how satisfied I was with the results. "There is only one thing I regret", I said. "I should've done it three years ago!"

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